Davinci Resolve 16 Color Grading HDR Masterclass

Davinci Resolve 16 Color Grading HDR Masterclass


Los Angeles 12-13 June 2019 with Dado Valentic

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In the last two years, we have seen an exponential growth of HDR productions. As a result, there is a big demand for colorist skilled in grading and delivering in HDR.

This intensive two-day masterclass will prepare you for the job of grading and delivering HDR shows for Netflix, Amazon or any other HDR channel using Davinci Resolve.

The training program is split into two parts:


Theory part covering all aspects of HDR technology, Color Science, Workflow and new Mastering Formats. During the practical part, you will learn how to approach grading session, translate looks from HDR and SDR and how to get the best image quality in the shortest possible time. This part is designed to expose attendees to a variety of HDR material. From dark night scenes, studio and VFX scenes to bright exterior scenes. We will work with perfectly shot material and deal with problem shots like noise, archive footage or overexposed material.

Our ultimate desire is for you to develop an eye for a good HDR.

This course is aimed at colorists who are familiar with Davinci Resolve and are ready to tackle some of the most challenging and exciting grading jobs in the industry today and take advantage of job opportunities that are opening in this area.

HDR Theory Part
  • What is HDR, all the formats and standards
  • Color Science: Color Gamut, Dynamic Range, EOTF and how it works
  • Grading Suite technical specification and setup
  • Workflow overview: From Camera to Final Master
  • Colour Management for HDR - how it works
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR10 and HDR10+
  • Delivery and Mastering specifics

HDR Practical Part
  • Davinci Resolve Preferences and Settings
  • Media Ingest and Setup for Simultaneous HDR/SDR grading
  • Creating base grade and the right approach to HDR/SDR translation
  • Reading β€˜NIT’ values and controlling look and mood of the scene
  • Right techniques for dealing with the challenge of Large Color Volume
  • HDR and Skintones
  • HDR and night scenes
  • HDR and bright exterior scenes
  • HDR and VFX shots
  • Common issues tips and tricks: Flares, Noise, Out of Gamut, SDR Archive
  • Mastering for Dolby Vision
  • Mastering for HDR10/HDR10+
  • Netflix IMF master creation and QC

  • Each attendee will be provided with a Mac OS Workstation, Tangent 3-way controller, 3-button mouse and Davinci custom keyboard.
  • We are using SONY BVM X-300 and Panasonic OLED HDR monitors
  • All training media will be provided. This media originates from actual projects and is shot using Arri Alexa, RED or Panasonic Varicam
  • Upon successful completion, each attendee will be issued with industry-wide recognized Masterclass certificate
  • Each attendee will be issued with one complimentary license for Colourlab Look Design and HDR in value of $400


The HDR Masterclass given at Abelcine by Dado Valentic was honestly just amazing. I loved that Dado is one of us, a colorist, who then made tools for us to use knowing how we approach our jobs. It really felt like he just wanted to share his knowledge with everyone, and there is a lot of knowledge in that brain! I walked away, not only knowing more about HDR in general, but learned a lot about monitors, the science behind color, and also a nice handful of incredible tools that Dado created to help make my job easier and better.I really can't say enough about this class and looking forward to attending more with Dado!

Mike Nuget

​Senior Colorist, NYC


There are many ways how to approach Color Grading. The main difference between Dado's way of teaching and other is that he teaches the real way to work by giving plenty of practical examples and that makes all the difference

Steve Beganyi
​Senior Colorist, NYC


Wonderful communication and an instructor with a great sense of humour and expertise that inspire.

Milena Grozeva
Senior Colorist

100% of Our Students Have Rated Color Grading HDR Masterclass

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