Davinci Resolve 16 Commercials Masterclass

Davinci Resolve 16 Commercials Masterclass


New York 20-21 May 2019 with Dado Valentic



This Masterclass is designed for professional colorists and boutique grading facility owners working on commercials, as well as digital content producers looking to elevate their skills to another level.

Participants will work on materials originating from various style of commercials: high-end fashion, car, mobile phone and food, and drink commercials. We will focus on a very important aspect of beauty treatments and motion picture retouching.

Apart from the obvious look development work, we will also take an extensive look at the extended capabilities of DaVinci Resolve 16 for cleanup and finishing tasks that traditionally used to be part of Flame and Smoke suites. The program further encompasses Remote Review using Frame.io the creation of Motion Graphics using Fusion, Sound Mix using Fairlight and mastering for TV, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other digital platforms.

This course also covers the very important aspect of the business of Commercials and Digital Content Colour Grading and Finishing and how to be successful in the current market climate.

On the completion of the 2-day masterclass, all attendees will be given one complimentary license for Colourlab RGB look development software.

Preparation for Color Grading
  • The short history of Commercials Color Grading and the birth of Remote Grading
  • Color Grading Suite set-up
  • Option A – Fast Turnaround
  • Option B – High-End Clients
Look Development
  • Creating looks from the client reference image
  • Look development using Colourlab Look Design
  • Advanced Secondaries
  • Matching shots and time
  • Matching to particular Pantone color
  • Frame.io and client review
Cleanup and Object removal
  • Manual Tracking and Cleanup
  • Automated Object Removal
  • Advanced Alfa Matte
Beauty Work & Digital Makeup
  • Skin & blemish cleanup
  • Dark Circles under eyes fix
  • Eyes and Lips
Motion Graphic using Fusion
  • Lower Thirds
  • Animated Logos
  • 3D Motion Graphics
Sound and Effects
  • Sound mixdown and levels and eq automation
  • Voice Over mastering
  • Audio Effects: Compressor, De-Esser, Limiter, Noise suppression
Mastering and Delivery
  • TV Mastering and common QC issues
  • Youtube and Vimeo
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • Each attendee will be provided with a Mac OS Workstation, Tangent 3-way controller, 3-button mouse and Davinci custom keyboard.
  • All training media will be provided. This media originates from actual projects and is shot using Arri Alexa, RED or Panasonic Varicam
  • Upon successful completion, each attendee will be issued with industry-wide recognized Masterclass certificate
  • Each attendee will be issued with one complimentary license for Colourlab Look Design in value of $200


I expected the course to be more of a refresher and, at best hoped that I might pick up a couple of alternative ways of approaching things. Instead, you gave me techniques and principles that have revolutionised my practice, making me faster, moreflexible and ultimately just better.

Alex Parkinson

/Colorist and DIT


Learning Davinci Resolve from Master Colorist was like learning Kung-Fu from Shao-Lin monk. The way Dado incorporates stories and color grading together. Ultimately this is how it should be color and stories.

Jasper Koops
/ Colorist and DP


The class was incredible. Dado is an amazing teacher and depth of his knowledge is incredible. I have spend a lot of time researching color online but now I know that I have only scratched the surface. Just Wanted to say thank you Dado. Thank you.

Jennifer Mendes

98% of Our Students Have Rated Commercials Masterclass Training Experience